Freepack backpack

Several people asked me how I carry things on my tikit. Well when I was touring Hokkaido in 2006 with a group of Bike Friday riders, we by chance met a Japanese cyclist on a Bike Friday! He had this cool backpack perched on the back of his seatpost that clicked on and off. I found out it’s made by a German company, Rixen & Kaul, that makes lots of innovative bike bags to carry everything from groceries to your dog. His pack was called Freepack Meta. I begged my BF friend to bring me one from Japan. (Thank you, Maki-san!).

Express tikit in Tokyo
Express tikit in Tokyo

If I have more stuff to carry, I use a TEECO bag. It has a molded rubber bottom and stands up by itself so it’s handy for grocery shopping and for carrying books to the library

Here’s me riding in the rain from Shinjuku to Tokyo Station to catch the Narita Express train to the airport. The Freepack backpack comes with a rain cover and a clever elastic mesh things that holds your helmet.

It’s the little things that make biking a pleasure!

(Where’s my suitcase, you ask? Shipped to the airport via takkyuubin delivery service, of course.)

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